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Project Selector

Senior Design Project Selector

Design teams of 3-4 students will be assigned a project to be completed during the coming academic year. Assignments will be done near the end of BENG 187A so that students can prepare for work over the summer. Please review the design projects linked and submit your preferences. Deadlines will be announced in lecture and on TritonEd.

During the Project Selection period, you will create an account and then select your top 5 projects using the online form on this page.

By selecting your top 5 project choices in priority order, we will use your ranking as the major factor in organizing the team projects.

In some cases, students and a sponsor have already mutually developed some of the projects. If you are one of the students, please select your sponsor's project as your first priority. Your sponsor should email the Course Director (Prof. Taylor) to confirm this arrangement.

Thank you for your patience. Please contact Prof. Taylor ( or one of the Teaching Assistants with your questions.

BE187A Students