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Design Resources

Safety Training and Certification

  • Students working with biohazards, animal subjects, human, subject, lasers or radiation must attend specialized training.
  • Biosafety Training  
    Required prior to beginning work with human blood, human blood components, products made from human blood, human body fluids, unfixed human tissue or organs, human cell lines, animals with human xenografts, bloodborne pathogens, or other potentially infectious materials.
  • Animal Welfare / Animal Research Training  
    Orientation to Animal Research at UCSD is a mandatory course which acquaints researchers with regulations, health hazards involved with the use of animals, and best practices in animal handling. Each person at UCSD must attend Orientation to Animal Research at UCSD before handling animals.
  • Human Subjects Research

Room Reservations

  • Group Study Rooms in Price Center (near burger king)  
    2 hour slots  
    4 slots per person per quarter  
    Call 858-534-ROOM (x4-7666 on campus) to reserve

Free Project Management Software

Design Competitions

  • NCIIA BMEStart  
    The BMEStart Awards have been established to recognize excellence and innovation among undergraduate biomedical engineering student teams. Entries must address a medical clinical need with a clearly defined solution that can be taken to application.
    Open to all graduate and undergraduate student teams. This is a unique competition, in that judges rank entries on all aspects of biomedical commercialization, from product innovation to market need, and from regulatory strategies to social impact. The experience not only prepares students for biomedical engineering careers, but also connects them to key contacts in the industry and in their own academic institutions.